SD Card Question


May 18, 2010
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Hi All! I have a rooted Droid 1. My son has an Incredible. I have an app, not available in the market, I want him to try. Not too knowledgable about the HTC, I am not sure how to get it on his phone. Can I install it on his sd card, the install it to the phone from there? Can I email it as an attachment and download it then install it? Any help would be appreciated. It is an apk.
Yes to both.

Easiest way would be mount your phone and put the apk on your pc, then mount his and load it up. Done.

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Here is how I put apk files on my phone:
First go to Settings-> Applications and make sure "Unknown sources" is checked.
Download a file manager app from the market, I use ASTRO, it's free and simple.
I connect my phone to my pc and put the new apk file on my SD card, I have a folder called 'apps' that I put the apk files in.
Then I use ASTRO to install the new app.
Yeah, did all that, but for some reason when I went into the SD card via phone, it would not show up. Oh well..... Thanks for everyone's input.