SD Card & Camera Issues


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Mar 1, 2011
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First time posting on here, but I was hoping someone could assist me with my problem(s). I am on my 4th Droid 2 phone and I have experienced the same problem, phone after phone. The camera and video just quit working on my phones. Verizon has been great about sending me new/refurb phones, but the same thing keeps happening. The camera will work for a few hours after activating the new phone, but it will eventually stop working. When I try to access the camera, I hear the camera/flash tick several times and the screen either goes blank or reverts back to the home screen. Well, today I tried taking out the SD card and the camera function worked, or at least it opened and appeared to work. However, the phone would not allow me to take any pictures b/c the SD card wasn't installed.
Has any experienced a similar problem? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct it? I would think that I have something wrong with my SD card.
I appreciate your feedback.