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Sep 4, 2014
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sgh-t959v Samsung Galaxy s
Hi, I'm Jack and have installed a number of ROMS through the years. I recently tried to install rom manager onto the Galaxy s 4g sgh-t959v. In the newest version of CWM (clockworkmod), there is not the sgh-t959v offered. On their site:, there is a SUPERUSER.ZIP for the sgh-t959v. I have been unsuccessfull in installing the CWM which I need to burn a new ROM... The phone has STOCK GINGERBREAD installed on the phone and the phone is rooted. This is a BML phone, not a mtd.

So, I need to learn how to get ROM MANAGER to work on my particular phone. ROM MANAGER is INSTALLED, but there is no sgh-t959v offered as in past versions of ROM MANGER. Can someone help me get past this problem. Thank you so much.