Samsung Responds to Galaxy S6 Edge Bendgate Media Frenzy


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Dec 30, 2010
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It's amazing how fast crazy media frenzies can develop. We took a three day holiday weekend off for Easter, only to come back and find a new "Bendgate" has developed surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Some folks at SquareTrade did a video in which they subjected the new Galaxy S6 Edge to some durability tests, including the same bending test that the iPhone 6 Plus became infamous for previously. This test basically subjected the device to 110 pounds of pressure, which caused it to bend in the middle. This was the same amount needed for a similar result on the iPhone 6 Plus.

What was slightly worse was that the Galaxy S6 Edge display also cracked under this pressure. Of course, bloggers and journalists around the web started discussing the "issue." Afterwards, Samsung couldn't leave the video unanswered, so they released a video of their own and a pseudo-rebuttal regarding the findings.

Samsung rightly points out that it is rare that someone would be applying 110 pounds of pressure to their smartphone. Still, it may be cause for concern for some folks. Feel free to compare them and weigh in with your perspective on this new "bendgate." Both videos can be found in the thread below.

Here's the Galaxy S6 Edge dedicated thread for more discussion: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge General Discussions Android Forum at
Here are both of those videos. The first is the SquareTrade video, and the second is the Samsung video:

Ugh...this again. I agree more with DroidLife. This is clearly just a way to advertise insurance and profit off people's lack of knowledge about these issues.
Just don't Sit on your Phone and all is good.
I put my LG G3 with a Trident case, in my pocket all the time. Zero issues. Sitting, standing, running, climbing, doesn't matter.

It should go without saying, don't put your phone in the pocket of your already stupid looking skinny jeans. Learn to to care of your phone!!!!!!!!

If you feel 110 lbs of pressure in your pocket, chances are very high you already ripped your pants, or have a serious bruise on your body from the pressure. So unless got LIKE to walk around in pain, and make life as difficult as possible, by all means, keep that phone stuffed tightly in your skin tight clothing.

I can't help but shake my head is disbelief at people like that.