Samsung Releases an App That Restores Quick Toggles for the Galaxy S6


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge who regularly use the Quick Toggles function on these devices have been mightily disappointed lately. The “Mobile Data,” “Private Mode,” and “Mobile Hotspot” toggles vanished, and with users weren't able to add them back in the settings menu. This bug occurred after the latest update for the device. Luckily, Samsung heard their cries of anguish and developed a quick fix which restores the Quick Toggles.

The fix is a tiny app called QuickPanel Restore which can be found in the Samsung Apps Store. This app has only one function, which is a large blue "restore" button. Clicking on that button reactivates the Quick Toggles functionality. Efficient and simple!
Nice way to quickly support your users, Sammy, and not waiting on trying to get an update pushed through VZW.
Bummer that AT&T evidently didn't "accidentally" remove it on the Note4 because it wasn't there with JB 4.4.4 and still isn't with lollipop.
I didn't see the app on the Samsung app store. Maybe it's just not there yet?

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