Samsung Released A Special Edition Galaxy S7 Edge For The Summer Olympics!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The Olympics is always exciting times. It is a time of unity and hope for the entire world. We put aside our differences and come together in camaraderie as we compete for Gold! As Americans we are finally all rooting for the same team. We can all get behind an athlete sporting the Red, White, and Blue! My personal favorites are the swimming events and for some odd reason the gymnastics. Of course I love to watch soccer, basketball, and boxing as well.

Samsung has decided to commemorate this event with a Special Edition Galaxy S7 Edge. We have already seen an Iron Man and more recently a Batman version of the Galaxy Edge devices. The Olympic version is in the same vein. The device is black with colorful accents. You get an Olympic boot animation and Olympic/ Rio theme. Overall this is a pretty sweet setup. The included accessories are unfortunately not Olympic themed. I think Samsung missed a huge opportunity to put a cherry on top there. If you are into this sort of thing the device will only set you back $850. You can grab yours from the Best Buy link below.

via BestBuy