Samsung Pay Beta Goes Live!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Android Pay and Apple Pay have been battling out the Mobile Payment space for quite a while now, however Samsung has something up their sleeves which has the p otential to unseat both competitors as Samsung knocks the others off the hill firmly planting their rear on the throne. The ground breaking ability to make payments at virtually any payment kiosk that takes a traditional magnetic strip card really sets Samsung apart. This could be what takes mobile payments mainstream!

Verizon has still yet to say whether or not they will support Samsung pay. I feel like they are currently leaning towards not supporting it which is a bit unsettling to me having just dropped $700 on a brand new Verizon Note 5. I would really love to be able to give this feature a try. If you are on another carrier, one that has already announced compatibility you may be eligible to beta test the service.

To test the service you will need to be using one of four phones (Note 5, S6 Edge Plus, s6 Edge, S6). You will also have to have an official Beta invite. The invite would hit your email. You must have requested early access as well. If you are lucky enough to test this please let us know how it goes. Sign up for the

Sign Up For Samsung Pay Beta Here
So its only a BoA Visa/Mastercard or any card with the Visa or Mastercard logo?

Ok, so looking into it more, you need a Visa/MC card from BoA or USBank only for now. I sure hope it spreads to all banks or with just the Visa/MC logos.
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Oh oops I took it as long as it says visa, misunderstood it.

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I read up on LoopPay, as as far as I can tell, it has of way of magnetically transmitting credit card data to the credit card reader, so you "pretend" you are swiping your credit card normally, but you use your phone instead. The phone has to have MST embedded in it for this to work. LoopPay makes addon tech for phones that don't have it embedded. Currently, the only phone that has it is the S6.

Smart job with Samsung buying LoopPay. Seems like a technology that has wide use potential.

I said it before and I'll say it again. Genius move Sammy.
Well rats none of my cards work guess I'll have to wait till the 28th and hope they work then.

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IMHO All these various competitors in common pay options (i.e. at any retail location rather than just one retailer, or in other words not like JC Penny's card, for instance), will continue to pop up, it will get more and more confusing, then eventually there will be a "flushing out" and "consolidation" of the many into a select few and it will all come back around again. For now, you have them all jockeying for position, looking to capture marketshare, and ultimately hoping to be bought out in a merger/acquisition. Right now, you have Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and Diner's Club. At one point in the past there were many other "providers", but then the consolidation took place and those others were merged or defunct.