Samsung Now Works with 19 More Banks in the US


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX
Here's a story over at Engadget that gives us heads up of 19 more banks on the Samsung Pay train in the US. Very cool!

"Samsung has signed a deal that'll get its smartphone-based payments system accepted with 19 more banks in the US. The agreement means that you'll now be able to use your Galaxy smartphone as a substitute for a PNC Visa and KeyBank MasterCard credit and debit card. In addition, the partnership means that plenty of regional issuers are now signed up, including TCF Bank, Utah Community Credit Union and USC Credit Union. If you've yet to make a splash into the realm of Samsung Pay, you'll need to grab a Galaxy S6 variant or a Note 5 and download the app from Google Play and dash to your nearest franchise coffee house."

As originally quote from Engadget: Samsung Pay works with 19 more banks in the US