Samsung Likely to Dump the Galaxy Alpha


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Dec 30, 2010
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A new report out of South Korea suggests that Samsung plans to stop production on the Galaxy Alpha smartphone. If true, the current stock of Galaxy Alpha smartphones available on the market will be the last of the line. According to the source of the report, the reason Samsung is ditching the Alpha is because they intend to concentrate on the Galaxy A5 mid-range/budget friendly device which shares a similar design.

This way, Samsung can continue to offer the Galaxy S line as their flagship phone, while the A5 will be for folks who need a more affordable product, yet want a premium looking device. The Galaxy A5 (pictured above) will launch for KRW 400,000 ($365), and will be Samsung's main offering in the mid-tier segment.

An industry insider claimed, “I understand that the Galaxy Alpha will be produced until the materials currently in inventory are used up. Its production will end by early February next year.” So far, the report indicates this phone will only be offered in South Korea and China for now.

Source: ETNews
Good move on Sammy's part if you ask me.

Given what we've learned about the figures in their mobile section and the promise that they were going to re-evaluate their offerings, I think this is a sound business move for them moving forward. The last thing you wanna do is oversaturate your own market (Yes, I'm fully aware that Samsung makes all sorts of other stuff. I'm referring specifically to their mobile division).