Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumored Features: Waterproof & Always On Screen


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Dec 30, 2010
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We have a couple of newish rumors to share regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7. We say "newish" because one of the two we have isn't new, but simply includes new details. The other is definitely new. Let's work backwards for you today.

According to the latest intel, the Galaxy S7 could have an "always on" display. Usually, this type of feature can only be found in the eBook/eReader industry. Also, occasionally you find this concept in fitness watches like the Pebble. This begs the question... why would a smartphone have or need such tech? Lest we forget, some Motorola smartphones actually have a similar feature. Even LG and Nokia have versions of the "always on" screen in a few of their devices.

The feature basically allows persistent display notifications, and/or the ability to respond to knocks and gestures without turning on the device with the power button. In fact, in some ways, this tech makes sense for Sammy's phones. Their OLED displays work a bit differently than LCD screens. Here's a brief quote with a few of the details,

"In contrast to LCD screens, OLED displays emit their own light. To show the color black, it simply needs to turn that light off, without actually turning off the display. On LCD's, black still requires the backlight to be on, draining power in the process. This is the very same technology that has made Samsung's own Ultra Power Saving Mode possible." ~ SlashGear

The question is, is it this "always on" display feature that will help with Sammy's rumored insane battery life for the Galaxy S7, or will it hinder it?

The other rumored feature for the Galaxy S7 is the return of waterproofing. While this is a rumor we have heard before, the new intel is a list of internal water resistant components which were recently leaked for the device. This includes a water-resistant SIM tray and a microphone, which were supposedly made for the Samsung SM-G930 (the Galaxy S7) and the Samsung SM-G935 (the Galaxy S7 edge). This is basically decent confirmation that the feature will be returning.

What do you folks think? Is Samsung packing in enough features to catch your interest again?

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Source: PhoneArena

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