Samsung Galaxy S7 Renders Could be the Real Thing [Rumor]


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Dec 30, 2010
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We are calling this one a rumor, but these pics seem to be as legit as they come. The above image showcases renders for the Samsung Galaxy S7. This image is based upon previous leaks, so it should be very close to the real thing at the very least.

Just as our previous leaks have shown, there's not a whole ton of difference between the Galaxy S7 and the previous generation Galaxy S6 series. There's a bit more curvature as well as a new camera array. Be sure to check out the other leaked shots we have in the thread below.

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Source: PhoneArena
Here are those additional leaked pics:



I don't know who comes up with these colors, but sheesh! Will Samsung ever come out with colors people actually enjoy? Slap a case on it FTW.

S5 tap'n
Looks like a stretched S4. It almost seems like they are saying, "I think we went a bit too far. Lets go back toward our most successful design, but bigger."
Granted, it does have some of the features of the S6 line. However, from the renders it looks like they are back tracking to the softer lines of the S4 line.
That wouldn't be so bad. I like my S4, but I would like a bigger slightly faster more up-to-date version.
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I like the look and the colors.. Sorry I may consider the S7 Edge..
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