Samsung Galaxy S2 Desktop and Car accessories


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Jun 30, 2010
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Samsung Galaxy S2 Desktop and Car accessories

The Video is in Danish But Shows a car Dock and A Desktop Accessory

[video=youtube;KTsUgetnGu8]"]YouTube - Samsung Galaxy S II - must have tilbehør[/video]


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Jul 22, 2010
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Also shows the HDMI adapter accessory in the last seconds of the video. The thing he plugs in is where you hook up a full size HDMI cable and a micro USB for charging while using HDMI.

I just had my Droid X accidentally knocked out of my hands tonight and cracked the screen. Sucks because even though I have my last early upgrade available next month, I did not want to replace the phone so soon. The damn ins wants $100, which is the price if I buy a new screen on my own.

I REALLY want the S2 "Function" but it looks like Samsung is going to delay it in the US again. They had a press conference scheduled for May 24 that was delayed. This is the second delay on a press conference this month. Rumors have the Function (Galaxy S2 for Verizon) being released anywhere from June to end of summer.

If its available in June I will buy it in a heat beat, but can't wait till end of summer. My DX works with a cracked screen but I can't keep using it like this and if I spend the money to repair the phone its not getting replaced for a while.

Samsung, release the damn S2 for VZW already!