Samsung Galaxy S 3 Will Get Several Galaxy Note 2 Features with Android 4.1.2 Update


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Dec 30, 2010
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Do you own the Samsung Galaxy S III and envy some of the features you've seen on the new Galaxy Note II? Pretty soon you don't have to be envious. According to this report, when Samsung updates the SGS3 to Android 4.1.2, it will be getting a host of the same features that came from the factory on the GNote2. Apparently, the new update will bring a host of cool new features to the SGS3, including multi-window and more. Here's a quote with more info,

Another feature to be added to the Samsung Galaxy S III is Smart Rotation. Using the phone's front-facing camera, the device figures out the orientation of your face and adjusts the screen accordingly. This feature is off by default on the Samsung GALAXY Note II. Another feature coming to the Samsung Galaxy S III is Paper Artist which allows you to stylize an image using a number of options. Without the S Pen, you will have to use your finger to use the feature. A new Gallery application is part of the update along with a virtual QWERTY similar to Swype.

This info comes from a leaked version of the update for the international version of the SGS3. For more info and a download link to the leaked ROM, hit up the source link below.

Source: PhoneArena
Talon8Ya said:
I do try to not be so negative but with Verizon holding up updates just so they can have more time to figure out how to stuff more bloatware in is frustrating. LOL

I thought you were being kind, 3 different music apps, there own app store, 3 movie apps....jesh.