Samsung Galaxy Note 5 CGI CAD Video Leaked Online [Rumor]


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

A video which is supposedly a 3D CAD rendering of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has appeared online. We can't find any third party corroboration of the legitimacy of this video, but it seems plausible. The video appears to be something put together by a third party case OEM, but that's pure speculation.

What's interesting about this case design is the subtle similarity to the Galaxy S6, yet it has a tapered back. We can also spot an S Pen slot on the bottom, along with protruding camera with flash/HR sensor on the back. The measurements of the device suggest it will stick with a 5.7-inch display size. If this is real, the only thing left to find out is what materials the device is made out of. Will it be a plastic back, or metal & glass like the S6 series?

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Source: @OnLeaks
I'm hoping it still has a microSD slot. Been waiting for the Note 5 to upgrade from the Note 3 I use now. If it has no microSD then I may have to consider a different phone.