[Rumor] Samsung Galaxy SII Goes Through FCC with AT&T Bands; 3G Only


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Dec 30, 2010
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Today the Samsung Galaxy SII received its FCC approval. The word is that it has an AT&T radio setup. This is great news for AT&T users, as it means the phone should be launched within the next couple of months or sooner. Before the rest of us on other carriers get too bummed out, keep in mind that this is Samsung's flagship phone at the moment, and it is likely they will come out with versions of it for other carriers later this year. Also, you can take note of the rumor that the phone is only 3G on AT&T's network. This further bodes well that it could easily be adapted to any carrier, since it doesn't have the limiting size of a 4G radio. Samsung is having another press event soon, and we should know more tomorrow.

Source: Android.net via PhanDroid and Wirelessgoodness.com
Wow....if this doesnt be 4G, I think I might pass on it. Then again the LG 2x isnt 4G...decisions, decisions...

Looks like the Atrix just jumped back to the top of my list.
Wow no 4g. That is crazy. But that is the only way to keep it so slim I guess. Being a Verizon customer at least this means it could come earlier. But if the Bionic comes out with 4g before it, I might have to jump on that.
No 4G?

Welp. That about seals it.
Unless VZW launches a dual core non-Motorola LTE phone by before June I'm gone...

one EVO 3D please.
Reading a review, it should have HSPA+. I'll take that if it wont be LTE on Verizon.