[Rumor] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to have 13MP Camera and Optical Image Stabilization

Well! Whats wrong with the note 2 camera?, it takes great pics! That's my daughter at the mall


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In my opinion nothing, I zoomed the pic until her head filled half the frame and image was still usable.

But you can always get better.

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Nice pic.. Someone was tired of shopping.. Haha.. And I'm thinking they will make it manageable like S3 to S4 scenario..

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If it stays the same size, up's the pixel count to 1080p, and improves the wacom processor, im all in! I would prefer a slightly smaller phone with the same size screen and same size battery with an SD
Oh gee, I have three upgrades coming up in October & November. It looks like one of my son's will be inheriting my N2. My oldest (the only one who likes apple) is dying to get the note2. Has now decided he hates apple.

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Optical zoom will be a huge advance for cellphone technology, it might be sketchy in it's infancy but look how far point and shoot cameras have come, hell 20x has become the point and shoot standard which is incredible, compacts are even getting into the 35x range.

Telephoto FTW.
Lucky one for sure.. He's looking forward for N3 release more than you... Haha

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How many pixels do we really need for impromptu, amateur cell shots? Who wants to blow-up/zoom some blurry photo from the bar in poor lighting?

Don't see it changing, though, until consumers wisen-up to the megapixel scam.

Though I agree with you, many people are starting to use their phone as their only camera. My wife is one of those people. I'll be getting my DSLR out and she'll be like, ok, all done, i got the pictures and realize she used her phone. I then have to round up the kids again for a real picture.