RootJunky Has Already Found Bypass for FRP On Android N's Latest Security Patch!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Tom is back at it again. He has been finding bypasses for the factory reset protection on just about every phone on the planet. What is so amusing about the whole situation is that Google is steadily patching up these holes that Tom is finding, but they aren't diving deep to try to find the holes on their own. Every time a patch comes out Tom just slightly modifies his methods and viola a new bypass is born.

His latest demonstration takes place on the latest Android N Developer preview security patch update for the Nexus 6P. The same method should work on other devices like the Nexus 5x. This is good for anyone who has purchased a phone which the seller forgot to fully log out of before factory resetting. It is unfortunate however that such a vulnerability exist as it allows thieves access to their stolen goods. I have confidence that Google will eventually get this all patched up.