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Nov 26, 2010
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hi all.

i have some questions about rooting before i do it.

if my droid 2 got the 2.3 update from verizon can i still root with the one click method from xda-devs?

will i lose all my configurations and apps when i root or unroot?

other then removing stock apps which is alli really care about what other benefits (or issues) will rooting give me?
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I don't know about that particular root method but I don't see why not. The easiest way to do it though would be just to download z4root in the marketplace. No you won't lose any configurations when you root the phone, you're just giving yourself administrative access to the phone. You can do tons of stuff with root including using root apps and even flashing roms and themes.

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Your configurations will only go bye bye if you switch launchers. Rooting and even putting a new ROM on didn't mess up my screens ot settings.

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