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Mar 4, 2011
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So my old DX (which was recently stolen) was rooted with z4root and I was running liberty 1.5 (I think) with bootstrap & overclock. there WAS a fantastic guide on here that gave ALL the links you needed for ALL downloads including liberty and a very "user friendly" step by step instruction. I think the guy that wrote it was named Ben or something idk it was a few months ago. Well here I am with my replacement droid and now im unable to find that thread no matter how hard I search, all the other guides while helpful for the most part usually leave me with more questions than answers, so, if anyone around here may remember the guide im referring too or know something that might be helpful to getting liberty back on my phone id be forever greatful..

Note: please don't link me to any of the stickied topics as I am in no way a forum noob, I did all the searching I could possible handle and still nothing.. :/

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PM me ur gtalk n I can send u a Z4root that I'm sur will help

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Not sure what gtalk is :s

Bump anyone have any idea what thread im talking about?

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Sorry For the double bump but I really need an answer I'd like to hack my phone today..

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I'm not sure I understand what files you can't find. Do you have z4root? You can get liberty 2.0.1 on the liberty sticky and dx bootstrap recovery on a shared website. What else do you need? You said you're not a noob so I assume you only need the files. You know how to flash it from there yeah? Make sure you also make a backup and know how to sbf just in case

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If you need me to pm you my number id be happy to help you. By the way gtalk is google talk (its an instant messaging app)

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Ok so this is what I have:
Rom manager
Terminal emulator
(Not sure if I even need the last 2 I downloaded em before I realized it was a different guide than I needed)

I think all I need is:
Liberty packages
And a legit battery saver
And a step by step on how to install/run liberty

Ill download gtalk right now and edit with contact info

Edit: I just searched for gtalk and google talk in the marketplace and it came up with nothing..

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Gtalk usually comes standard on moto phones i think. Anyway, yeah so root the phone with z4, download liberty 2.0.1 dx zip file and put on root of sd, install dx bootstrap recovery. You may want titanium backup too too back up apps. Bootstrap the recovery and reboot recovery. Once in recovery make a backup (5min) then the way I do it too be safe is I go to mounts /storage and mount system and data (you will know that it's mounted because it will say unmount). Next wipe data. Now install zip from sd. Choose liberty zip, flash and reboot system now. You should be golden.

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I use juice defender for battery help (it turns data off when not in use), but what really does the trick is quick clock advanced. It calibrates your cpu to run at the lowest voltage (battery saver) and highest frequency (performance) at the same time. Awesome app.

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Awesome thanks so much man! I think I got everything ready aside from the zip file, I downloaded the toolbox from the marketplace. So pretty much gonna get the zip then give it a try.. :)

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Right on man. No worries. Hope you get it all sorted. Let me know how its goes. You can get the liberty zip from the thread or from the donate toolbox (it will install it for you once you download)

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