Rooting htc incredible (version 1)


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Jun 19, 2011
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I've done a few things not on the stock version of this phone (swype, multiple free apps that usually cost money, whatever) but I'm having a lot of trouble rooting. None of the videos I've seen really seen to help and I was wondering if anybody had a solution that works...
Thanks in advance

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Try the rooting tutorial that's linked in my signature. The videos are useless and obsolete at this point. My tutorial takes you step-by-step through the rooting process.
I'm really new to the forums, just started yesterday and that was my first post... If the signature on the forums is the same as other signatures (underneath body of message) then I can't seen to find yours... Sorry if this is an inconvenience. And Thank you.

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No unfortunatley from your phone you can't see signatures. They are viewable from a PC.

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Ok sorry for the not very useful post but my service is terrible here. You can either go to the hacking section and under hacking help there are some very useful stickies with information about rooting etc.

Also if in this thread on your phone hit your menu button and click browser. It will then show this thread in your browser and then you can follow the link in the sig.

Hope this helps more than my last post!!

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Alright I'll try both of those. Thank you very much!

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I reccomend using a computer considering you need one to root anyway

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I'll try later on. I did start using a computer (windows xp, I'm not sure if I can root our not on that) but I figured out somethings about installing drivers and other stuff
Thanks to all!

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