Rooted Droid X, with Liberty custom Rom problems


Jun 1, 2011
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I have a rooted Droid X with Liberty as the custom Rom that is not working. Before you help me please be aware I am not a tech guru and am just a below average guy trying to do average tech stuff, lol.

When the Liberty custom rom came out with a update, I screwed it up. All I know is when the phone is plugged in about every minute or so the glow of Liberty symbol lights up on the phone. Other than that it does not work.

Nothing is on the phone I care about saving.

If anyone can help restore this phone to stock, great.
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Sure, do you remember what system version you were on? It would most likely have ended in .602, .605, or .621.
Alright, not a problem. Do you remember how you rooted the device? Which method you used I mean, that will give us an indication on which version you are on... If you don't know that there are a couple of things we can do.
When I installed the original Liberty Rom I downloaded and installed everything over wyfi. I was not connected to another computer.
did you root the phone, or did someone else root it
if you did not use a pc to root, you had a froyo system version, and rooted with 4zroot
so go to
find ezsbfs for dx, has several options
you will need pc, any questions just post back here or in ezsbf thread

edit: froyo means android 2.2
there has been several updates since then
you can use any of the dx ezSBFs
but i don't suggest using 604 milestone
i would use the 602 and root with pete's root tools
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Yes, I used 4zroot and had Froyo.

I will check out that link and see what happens. My laptop I think died. I will be back home on Saturday but my desktop is really old and runs on Windows XP and I dont remember if it works with my phone. I will give it a try and reply back on Saturday to let you know what happened.

Thanks for the help.
the ezSBFs are burned on cds or usb flash drives
and pc boots from it, as a linux live cd
you do need 512mb of memory, maybe 1gb, i know i have done it with only 1gb