Root - Safestrap/ROM Slots versus Performace


Jan 25, 2011
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Well, typically I use Antutu Benchmark for any benchmarking for my device. When discussing performance of our devices here, I feel it's the best that EVERYONE use a standard app. That way, we don't get "Wow Faster", or "Slower".....etc.....BUT, we can quantify it.

I actually plan on giving this a go, but it's going to be quite a bit of time, and work, and I figured I would first see if anyone out there has any ideas, maybe save some time.

I REALLY wish I would have taken a clear benchmark BEFORE I rooted, and more importantly put on safestrap.

Obviously, you don't need to have the ROM slots "Created", so "Technically" there should be no effect. BUT, I'm wondering if you create say just 1 ROM slot, does anybody think there would be any performance reduction?? It does not seem that way, at least not noticable. Obviously, the ROM uses the system area of memory. LINUX LOVES to fill the RAM regardless how little you have on there, I'm just wondering if anyone has seen any issues with performance (Particuarlly speed, i.e.: Open txt, hit to compose, and someitmes I'm having several seconds prior to the keyboard??).... I did a system wipe...cleaned everything back to TOTAL STOCK, and rebuild, all cool now.

Anyway....OH, one more thing....Did anyone who uses it notice that the latest upgrade to Antutu, the scores are much higher for the same set-up.....As long as it's consistent, doesn't really matter, just curious. I was benching at about 6350 Stock, now I'm at around 8000........SO, just curious.....

Take care all....