[ROM] Vanilla FroYo AOSP v0.9.1a - 3/14 - Now also with NexTheme Version


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Feb 3, 2010
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All credit goes to jt1134 over at XDA for the awesome port.....ENJOY

Orig link: [ROM] Vanilla FroYo AOSP v0.9.1a - 3/14 - Now also with NexTheme Version - xda-developers

[ROM] Vanilla FroYo AOSP v0.9.3 - 3/20 - Now also with NexTheme Version
Decided to get off my ass and fix up my fascinate device overlay. Thankfully, it works! (mostly

Below please find links to a vanilla Froyo AOSP build for the Samsung Fascinate. Not a Cyanogemod build, just straight AOSP, with a few of my own modifications.

Currently working:
RIL functions (phone calls/sms/data)
audio issues from eclair build (headphones/incoming call ringer/voice search n such) have been resolved also

camera (b&w preview)
most codecs are working (pandora/youtube/etc)
install of secure market applications (Angry Birds, etc) without having to remove sdcard
install of apps to sdcard (apps2sd)
USB mass storage
*228 option 2 (prl update) - does not work 100%, but if you reboot afterwards you can see that the prl does indeed get updated
bluetooth (file transfer and music - in-call audio is still ****ed)

Not working:
in-call bluetooth audio
(maybe other things, let me know!)

If you are inclined to build this on your own, ALL source code is always available on my github. Due to space constraints, some of it has also been posted to the ModADroid organization github (thanks Deodexed).

to build:

repo init -u git://github.com/jt1134/platform_manifest.git -b froyo
repo sync -j40
source build/envsetup.sh
lunch full_fascinate-eng
make -j$(grep processor /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l) bacon && fixzip
all the cmsgs team (coolya/codeworkx/forcystos/et al)
punk-kaos (for hints on init.rc changes)
phidelt82 (for help fixing that pesky sms bug)
the tasty leaker (god rest his soul)

To install rom, flash the ROM, then gapps. And WIPE WIPE WIPE YOUR DATA.


*** V0.2 - 1/21 ***
removed ADWLauncher and replaced with stock aosp Launcher2
* Launcher2 modded for auto-rotation, and app uninstall from the launcher trash (a la ADW)
disabled javascript by default in the browser
added battery percentage mod
added reboot options
added rotary lockscreen
12 apps in "recent apps" list instead of 8
fixed incoming call screen wakeup
fixed build.prop so that protected apps show in Market

*** V0.3 - 2/01 ***
new build based off of DL30 froyo leak
fixed JIT!
camera working (no camcorder)
fixed some codec issues
moved SpareParts to Settings menu
* added some additional options to SpareParts, menu button unlock, launcher rotation, and clock/battery percentage color changer (based on CM code)
lockscreen music controls (based on CM code)
added CM Music mod app
additional options added to Mms app
added FLAC support to the framework (based on Kruton's code)
lots of other little additions to make the build nicer and improve stability

*** V0.4 - 2/02 ***
fixed auto-brightness settings
fixed screen wakeup bug (now wakes up immediately)
fixed install of secure market apps such as Angry Birds (no need to remove sdcard to install now)
fixed installing of apps to sdcard
improved wifi -> 3G transition (still not perfect, but working better)
added additional options to SpareParts
* battery percentage is now optional, and font size can be changed to play nice with certain themes' battery images
remove some debug stuff (should slightly improve battery life as well as general usability)
updated Launcher workspace with more default icons
added nextheme version of the ROM

*** V0.5 - 2/07 ***
added Launcher2 from Gingerbread - includes same options as before: auto-rotate option (in SpareParts), app uninstall from long-hold over trash can
fixed USB mass storage
fixed data traffic arrows
fixed signal strength bars (this is NOT perfect but works OK. dBm reading in settings>about phone>status should read correctly)
fixed ERI display (this *may* not work correctly for everyone, but should display correctly when on VZW network)
snuck Swype keyboard back in

*** V0.6 - 2/11 ***
fixed issues with incoming sms from non-vzw phones (thanks droid2169 for the assistance!)
added rotary incoming call screen - thanks CM!
added option to SpareParts to make notification bar clock optional
bluetooth will now start, pair, and connect - however there are very bad audio issues when using on calls - it has been reported to work in a vehicle for music - have not tested file transfer yet
added voodoo kernel and split kernels into separate package

*** V0.7 - 2/14 ***
fixed satellite gps
fixed wifi -> 3g transition bug (100% now)
fixed memory settings in kernel - should run much smoother now
*** these fixes are mostly in the kernel, so make sure to flash one of the updated versions from below ***

*** V0.8 - 2/20 ***
fixed radio crashing on first boot
fixed HQ youtube video playback (video is still kind of jerky however)
added fake hotspot_event_monitoring module to kernel
added FileManager app from CM
removed Dev Tools, and split out terminal emulator on its own
removed videos icon from launcher
removed those stupid arrows from rotary lock
removed some unused options from spareparts
added FlashPlayer to the build
additional helper tools:
* redbend
* terminfo
* bmlunlock - koush
* rw/ro scripts
* strace - supercurio
also fixed a bug in the voodoo lagfix code that allowed conversions to proceed even when the battery was too low to complete the operation
*** make sure to update your kernel also! ***

*** V0.8.1 - 2/20 ***
fixed data connectivity issues introduced in v0.8
added neldar's liblights to build (for BLN in future builds)
added missing copybit library

*** V0.9 - 3/12 ***
fixed in-call microphone issues
fixed timezone bug
enable in-call noise suppression
fixes for car/desk docks (untested)
fixed power_profile (thanks jamezelle)
allow non-market apps by default
clock/battery colors will now change when their values upate (no need to reboot)
removed swype keyboard - go here if you want it : https://beta.swype.com/android/create/index.php
ext4 support in both Voodoo and non-Voodoo kernels (no conversion in non-Voodoo kernel, but ext4 WILL be mounted if necessary)
added options to build to center battery percentage, and set all the extra SpareParts options via overlay (for the from-source themers out there)
** ROM, Kernel AND gapps updated, make sure to grab them all

*** V0.9.1 - 3/14 ***
fixed in-call audio adjustment - not 100%, but louder than before, and somewhat adjustable
fixed database access bug in su binary
fixed bt issues introduced in v0.9 (still no in-call audio)
tweaked lowmemorykiller settings in kernel

*** V0.9.1a - 3/14 ***
fixed in-call audio adjustment 100%

increase wifi scan interval

*** V0.9.2 - 3/15 ***
fixed softkey haptic feedback
added option to sound settings menu to enable haptic feedback on volume keys
** Kernel has NOT been updated. use v0.9.1 version of the kernel linked below **

*** V0.9.3 - 3/20 ***
Fixed tilt and rotation in Google Maps (thanks jamezelle)
*possibly* fixed some of the incoming ringer issues
fixed some video drivers (not sure of the impact yet)
hacked VM setting so that VM shortcuts launch Google Voice if it is set as default VM provider (thanks bendbowden for the ideas)
added option to sound settings to control haptic feedback vibrate intensity
updated FlashPlayer to 10.2
updated gapps to latest versions
** Kernel has NOT been updated. use v0.9.1 version of the kernel linked below **

Thanks kaessa for the mirrors!!!!


Stock AOSP themed ROM

NexTheme ROM

Non-Voodoo kernel

Voodoo kernel

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