Roaming in western Maryland, Verizon users on US Cellular


Aug 1, 2010
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Silver Spring, MD
This post is regarding coverage and not a specific phone. Posted in Howard Forums (Verizon) and got no response.
First, I'm making some assumptions, and if I'm wrong about these, correct me, please.
When in western Maryland, generally west of Hagerstown and all through Allegheny and Garrett Counties, Verizon users roam on US Cellular.
US Cellular's coverage map indicates "High Speed Data Coverage" and "Standard Speed Data Coverage". I'm making an assumption that "High Speed" is equivalent to 3G and "Standard Speed" is equivalent to 1X. If that's not the case, how s-l-o-w could "Standard Speed" be?
If I go to the coverage map for US Cellular, for data, it clearly shows high speed data for most of the area of western Maryland, and specifically in Little Orleans. I can enter the address of the campground I stay in and I'm clearly in their "High Speed Data" area.
Why is if that I only get 1X data speed in Little Orleans? My PRL is up to date on my Droid 2. Is there a setting in my phone I am overlooking? Does US Cellular only allow roaming customers to use their "Standard Data" speed? Is the US Cellular coverage map just a ruse?
The 1X coverage I get is as slow as dial-up. ATT has full-blown, native, high speed coverage in that area. It is embarrassing when trying to look at the weather radar, and it takes about five minutes to see the radar in motion, where someone with ATT can get the complete picture in 15 seconds.
Anyone familiar with that area have any insight or solution to the problem of slow data?
For you to take advantage of 3g internet when roaming, verizon must have a roaming agreement with the company you are roaming on allowing 3g speeds. I'm not sure if verizon can tell you for sure if they have 3g roaming with us cellular, but it's worth a shot calling and asking.

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I know when i had my windows mobile htc vogue, i could put a different prl than the one intended on the phone causing it to get evdo in roaming areas where it didnt get it with the prl it was suppose to have.....not sure how to do this with android as i havent had cell service since my vogue days

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