Roaming charges #^@#!*


Nov 28, 2010
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Data Roaming charges #^@#!*

I've had my new X for three weeks. Went down to Mexico twice (1 day + 1 day) and on my new Verizon bill I see $58 of ROAMING CHARGES! There were NO phone calls made, maybe 8 text messages, and NO internet access done.

I had heard of these kinds of charges happening, so in Settings > Data Manager > Data Delivery....I had "Data Roaming" unchecked. The other two option boxes are "Background Data" and "Data Enabled" and they are check marked.

Shouldn't disabling "Data Roaming" have done the trick? Or do I need to disable other functions? Short of turning my phone OFF all the time, what do I do?

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Update: I went to my Verizon store where I got the phone. Talked to my salesman (he uses both the X and Fascinate) about why, after he had me disable "Data Roaming" for when I went to Mexico, I had incurred those roaming charges even after "data roaming" was disabled AND I hadn't made any calls or accessed the internet from Mexico.

He called over a manager and they discussed it....without real resolution, other than to say that some apps/programs likely continue to update and incur roaming charges. Anyway, they gave me a $48 credit for the extra roaming charges, so I am happy.

So, for the future, they suggested 3 things to avoid the same thing.....turn off the phone completely....or use airplane mode.....or call in and purchase the "International Roaming" option ($65/month) prior to the trip, and cancel it right after, whereupon it is prorated at a per/day charge.

Hope others avoid a worse nightmare, should they go on a longer trip!