Rezound and spotify and SD card


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Nov 25, 2011
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My spotify application keeps crashing and I can't write to the SD card again (i have unmounted and remounted SD card). I have spotify premium and downloaded my playlists to the phone for offline use last night and used this morning. This is in addition to the SD card issues I've been having since I got this POC phone. Work requires SD card encryption and photos won't store to the gallery. Could the SD card issues be affecting Spotify? I have already uninstalled and reinstalled spotify. I took out the SD card etc. This is the third phone with a new SD card (after going through boot loop hell for two weeks although the SD card was working before the boot loop problem). When I tap on spotify the screen blinks and nothing else happens. I was just listening to it this morning and haven't done anything to the phone since except synch my contacts and calendar (I reconnected to the network last night but got spotify to work after reconnecting to the network). GAAAAAAAAA. Please no more factory resets. I am so tired of reconnecting to the work enterprise and reinstalling my apps. I have asked Verizon about a new phone but no dice. They want to give me a refurbished LG Incredible (really??). :mad:


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Mar 26, 2010
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If you're going to use your phone for work, I'd forget about apps and everything else that make the phone fun. Encryption on the SD card(for the Rezound) has been known to cause problems and because it sounds like your company is making you encrypt the external SD you're hosed. Last ditch effort try HTC support, not Verizon support...they're clueless.