Repurposing Droid3, I need Ethernet though.


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Jun 28, 2012
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Hello All,

The Droid3 has reasonably good hardware specs and I already own it. It recently died on me where If I open the keyboard, the phone will usually lock up and require a battery pull. It appears that when this happens the Droid3 "Forgets" the charge level of the battery and assumes it to be zero. This makes the Droid3 functional only as a stationary device.

So I have 2 options for it:
[1] Use it as a slow android laptop with the lapdock 100, or

[2] Use it for video playback / webbrowsing on a non-smart TV as a secondary HTPC.

I can use XBMC on it and it works well.

I got the HDMI cable for it and it works well in mirror mode.

Then I got this USB On The Go cable: : Micro USB Host OTG Cable with Micro USB Power for Samsung i9100 i9300 i9220 i9250 by AtomicMarket : Micro Usb Host Otg Cable W/Usb Power : Computers & Accessories

Which I've tested with an IR Remote control, a keyboard and a mouse and that all works great.

Wifi is way too slow when trying to playback OTA HDTV. In my location this is streamed in MPEG2_TS format at rates that vary up to 18mbps or so causing a lot of buffering problems in XBMC.

I think I need ethernet access for the Droid 3 to continue to make it useful.

Has anyone had any luck using a USB-Ethernet adapter with the Droid 3?

I've heard that it may be possible to connect the droid3 to a router's USB port and set the phone up for "Reverse tethering", has anyone had success with this?

I plan on trying this out tonight myself, though it doesn't help me that much due to the distance between my router and where the Droid3 will be (USB is only good to like 16ft.)