Replace glass only?


Mar 28, 2010
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So like so many, my Razr Maxx wound up with a shattered screen. It spider webbed the whole screen. I can find the "glass only" for a $100 with tools but most people are selling the digitizer and LCD as one. Those are in the $200 rang. On my phone the LCD is still good, to me it doesn't make since to spend $200 on the whole works when the LCD is still good.

The videos on youtube all show replaceing the LCD and Glass as one. Is it better to just spend the $200 and buy the LCD and Glass as one? I gusse I am looking at it that I have been carrying my phone for the past 3 days using it like norrmal and the 1/4inch glass chunks are not falling out. So it makes me wonder if the glass and the LCD screen are glued togeather. Which in my case it would be better to buy the whole works because by the time i get all the glass peiceis apart from the LCD the chances are I will end up scraching or cracking it... what do you all think?

tthanks for the help
Same problem

How did you turn out with this? I have the same issue. I actually figured out that you can remove the glass by using a hair dryer and warming the glue a little. All the glass will chip right off. I'm actually using my phone this way now in it's 'naked' state and it works fine. But the LCD is fragile and I would like to replace the glass only. Curious how you turned out with this.
Also where did you find the glass only? I can't find that option anywhere from cell phone repair sites.
here is a ebay link there was one on there for 60 but not sure what i typed in to find it. I had started chipping away at getting the glass off the LCD but I had soooo many small shards I was afraid I was going to scratch the lcd. So I bit the bullet and my phone is on its way to Fort Worth TX to get repaired by Motorola. Its costing me $170 and they are also going to swap out the headphone jack because its wearing out. I was close to buying the 225 screen and LCD off ebay and do it my self but I just could not bring myself to it. Its dumb when you can get it done by the factory cheaper and not do it. I got out my OG droid while Razr Maxx is off at summer camp. WOW I forgot how slow OG really was I miss my 4g hope this helps
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