"Remote RDP" app by Walter Yongtao Wang running on the Verizon Droid.


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Mar 28, 2010
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I have installed "Remote RDP" app by Walter Yongtao Wang running on the Verizon Droid. I can not get it to connect. does anyone have instructions or a link or manual. I could use some help. I think i set up port forwarding correctly and the pc. I think i have issues with configuration of droid app. HELP!!!!
Can you please:
- post your router configuration?
- post your rdp configuration on your droid?

I was messing with it yesterday and it worked
Hello and thanks.

My 1st router Linksys WRT 110 external ip has port 3390 forwarded to ip Same with triggering ports 3390 and address. The same set up has been completed for the 2nd is a linksys WRT54g has the same.

THe settings on the phone has the external ip address port 3390 User name....that is it. Did i mention thank you...
Are you running Windows 7 Home Premium?

The only versions with the "server" of Remote Desktop is Professional and Ultimate. Home Premium does NOT have this.

It has Remote Desktop Connection, meaning it can connect to other PC's, but it is not able to be connected to.
OK... If I'm not mistaken, port triggering will forward your request to the first device on your network that will respond at that port. If I understood you correctly, you will be better off using NAT (Network Address Translation) aka port forwarding.
As far as the port concerned... RDP has a default port of 3389. Have you changed your Remote Desktop Server to listen on 3390?
Also, have you set up your computer to accept RDP requests? Do you have a firewall running which might be blocking your RDP requests?

Finally, a thing to note... if you are running Windows 7, you will have to specify a domain name (your computer name).
Great thanks. I have tried it on a XP home machine hence 3389 port, 3390 port for Vista premium. I have set the machines to accept RDP in both the firewall and sharing sections. I think the big issue is this morning when i had the "AH HA" moment. I was trying to connect wirelessly. I am not sure if XP home will accept RDP.
OK now that the "Brain Fart" is gone i will try to run it on an older XP pro box for now.
Got it working thanks all....now if i could figure out how to keep the upper piece lit for a bit longer while in call that would be great.
I was able to connect to the pc behind my firewall using this app with the Droid....too cool. Now if i can get the slingbox to run correctly. That i think i have to use my gaming notebook as it has ton O' horsepower and vid card.

The slide part where you touch to run apps and such. I do not like the fact that the dial pad goes black as soon as you hit the call button. Is there a fix or setting i am missing.

Has anyone tried to run slingbox from PC to droid?
glad to see you've got it working! Unfortunately I don't know how to do the other part, but I would love to find that out as well.