Remember that survey I posted? Well the results are in and Android crushed iphone


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Nov 20, 2010
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Do you guys remember that survey I posted a link to titled "why in the world would anyone ever buy an Android" well the votes were tallied and results posted. Let's just say Android crushed Iphone. But Android dominated this came is distant second and BB shouldn't have even been mentioned.

Link to results...(don't think they were happy about this)
SMARTPHONE SURVEY: Why People Choose Android vs iPhone

Link to original thread with survey

Some key notes....As we expected, Android absolutely dominated.

  • 51.4% of respondents use an Android device (versus 33% for iPhone).
  • 54.4% said their next smartphone purchase would be an Android device, compared to a (still impressive) 33.6% for the iPhone.
  • 55.7% of Android owners "hate Apple" (heh). 31.2% of Android owners would consider an iPhone if it played better with non-Apple devices.
  • Android loyalty runs deep: current Android owners are overwhelmingly likely to purchase another Android device in the future.

And a bonus: it turns out that 5x more survey takers came from an Android fan site than Apple/iPhone fan sites (16.1% vs 3.1%). Pats on the back for everyone.

These stats were taken from approximately 2000 people who took the survey. Not necessarily covering everyone but you get the idea.

Oh....did I mention that after getting blasted in hate mail after their naming of the original survey they renamed it? Still was biased towards iphone's but they did rename it.

Link to renamed survey

These surveys are closed so I don't imagine any new votes would make a difference ;)
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