Reboot loop and no signal/data unless booted into BP HW Diag


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Dec 30, 2012
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Hey folks.

Been searching high and low for a solution to this, but haven't had much luck. Awhile back, I replaced the battery on my RAZR and noticed that, when booted normally, shows no signal bars or data for about 5 minutes, and as soon as the bars seem to activate, the phone restarts. If left like this, it continues into a boot loop. I have found that, if booted into BP HW Diag, I receive signal and data, (although data is spotty at best, and typically doesn't reconnect if dropped unless rebooted, again into BP HW Diag). This phone isn't rooted and has only sparse apps and no other mods. I've tried to restore it to stock, both through the recovery console and through the Droid Razr Utility.

Has anyone else seen anything similar to this? Any help would be hugely appreciated.
I also experienced the same problem, is there who can help?