Really need some help


Jun 16, 2010
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so i tried to install ss 4.5 and right after making the backup, it kinda just crashed and when it rebooted it says my memory card is damaged, after three rebooots it doesnt say that anymore, but went back to my backup, and i cant access all my apps that i have on my sd card, when i go to manage applications, it just shows them there without the actual picture, just shows the name, and a little sd card picture

anyone know how to retrieve them all?
Sounds like it's corrupted, you may need to reformat
Try mounting usb to your computer. If it's able to read the sd card, maybe you don't have to reformat.
tried it phone wont recognize anymore i tried a different back up even my first back up pre root but nothing helps
Looks like you need to reformat it :icon_evil:
i cant even program my phone anymore
Details ?
i am pretty much back on complete stock except that theres launcher pro with 3d app drawer, i only show about half my apps, i cant use rom manager because it doesnt recongize an sd card, but my phone is now inactive, and force closes on almost anything, says android core system force close, android acore forceclose, messaging force close, system force close

i cannot activate my phone, cannot sync gmail with my phone either
Reformat your SD and RSD Lite.