Really Laggy


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Jan 18, 2012
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Hey, so my droid 2 has been working fine up until today. All of a sudden it got really slow and had trouble loading things and texting. I use handcent messaging and that was being very laggy and the pop up feature would just freeze up. I tried uninstalling that. Then I uninstalled task killer. This helped for about 20 minutes. If I do a battery pull I can use the phone for about 5 minutes. Then it starts getting slower and slower to the point that it freezes up and won't load things. I have to type in texts about two times before it will finally take and send. Any suggestions? I haven't downloaded any apps recently. Thanks!
Actually, I have a suggestion for this. Open a new text message, and without using the slideout keyboard press and hold the text box where you normally type. Change your input method to swype instead of multi-touch keyboard. Also, go into your keyboard settings, and be sure it's not using predictive text, or auto-complete. This helped my D2G be a bit less laggy.