Random restart.


May 27, 2010
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Did anyones x randomly restart at around 130pm? I lost 3g then radio and then my x rebooted

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I just experienced some kind of restart. I had just returned home and clicked the Wifi icon to turn it back on. The screen went dark, then I saw "Droid" followed by the red eye screen. I checked uptime and it did not indicate a reboot (nor did the screens look like the screen I see on a normal boot.) I concluded that the shell (Blur?) restarted. When I held the home key down, the only app it showed was the one I used to check uptime (Android System Info by Electricsheep.)

I don't know what time it happened. Could have been about 12:30 Central.

It was really weird just because it looked like it was methodically closing programs and shutting down. Almost like it had received an update.

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must have all been the same thing. They probably pushed something but not sure what.
I got the same random restart issues with my X a while back. After reading tons of forums and articles, I had a feeling that it is probably because I might forcefully closed some apps that I shouldn't. So I uninstalled Advanced Task Killer and leave app management to Android 2.1 and Voila! my X hasn't gave me that random restart crap for 2 weeks already. dancedroid