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Jun 19, 2010
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Will any OTA update make you lose root? I remember on the D1 it would..... just rooted my phone 2 days ago and its asking for an update....Im on 4.0.1 right now..and have not flashed any custom roms yet. Thanks!
Yes you will most likely lose root. I am not sure about the lock status though. And if you deleted any system apps you will need them to be there to accept the ota successfully.

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No problem. I am actually surprised you did not get prompted for the update sooner, I got mine as soon as the device got activated. I was actually still at Best Buy looking at cases.
The update may not work if you have CWMR permanently installed. Past devices of mine would fail if they needed to use the stock recovery when installing the update.
Didn't even think about that. Thanks bhfd.