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Jan 6, 2011
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I tried searching around to no avail but I was wondering... In the settings for ADW Launcher, there is the "Hidden Dockbar" and its associated settings. What exactly is the hidden dockbar--as in what do these settings do?

Also, one time I accidentally hid the dockbar by some unknown swipe and have been unable to replicated it again. How did I do that?

Sorry if these are stupid questions. Thanks a bunch guys.
The hidden dockbar allows you to gave a second dock with unlimited apps associated with it.

A quick swipe down will reveal it, and by doing the same motion will bring up the original dock. You can disable this in settings if you want.

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I'm still confused. I am able to hide my primary dock, but how does the secondary dock come up? Lol, I'm sorry for being so new to this...

EDIT: Ahhhh, nevermind. I figured it out. Thanks!
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i think if the second dock doesnt have any apps on it then itll be invisible. so thats what your probably seei9ng