Problems getting Amazon Prime instant video app to open


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May 19, 2010
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I downloaded and got the icon for it in the app list but it wants me to activate or something through Amazon and I click through and keep ending up back at the main Amazon Shopping app. Saw on other forums that this is a common problem. Just spent 45 minutes on the phone with my new best friend in an Amazon outpost in India and he couldn't figure it out. He's sending it to another level and they will call me tomorrow with an answer. Yeah-huh. My new best friend credited me $5 in my Amazon account for the trouble of spending 45 minutes on the phone for nothing, never mind other research before calling.

Anyone got anything?
I just tried it. I went into the main Amazon app and went to the instant video section, clicked on "Alpha House" (good show, check it out) and it started playing.

The only reason I didn't go directly though the instant video app is because I couldn't remember if I had downloaded it or not and I thought it was called "Amazon Instant Video," so when I didn't see it next to the main app in the drawer, I figured I could at least install it from there, but turns out, there's no Amazon in the name.