[APPS] PrivateMe – Hide Apps, Hide Pictures, Run Multi Accounts


May 25, 2017
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  • What is PrivateMe?
It aims at giving you the control of your privacy. PrivateMe can hide apps from your launcher, recent Apps list, App management in system settings. Moreover, PrivateMe provides multiple solutions for privacy protection, enabling you to run multi accounts at the same time with two cloned apps, hide pictures and so on.

It is the world's first App that provides the complete app hiding solutions without ROOT!
  • Features in Detail-- Highlights about PrivateMe feature
  1. Hide apps: hide apps on your device. With it, you can hide apps you've installed or new apps by installing from Google Play without records.
  2. Multi accounts: if you hide the app without uninstalling it in you system, you can login multi accounts on one device.
  3. Hide pictures: protect your private pictures from being seen.
  4. Mock notifications: when enabled, you can mock the notification content to make no one notice your messages, choose the content and icon you want to show on your screen.
  5. Cover PrivateMe: when enabled, PrivateMe will be seen as a full functional calculator. Only enter the password you have set can get in PrivateMe.
  • Other Features
  1. Safety Lock: lock PrivateMe with PIN password.
  2. Quick touch: when enabled, the shortcut plugin will help you quickly switch to any other apps.
  3. Boost: one tap to release memory of system and PrivateMe, make your phone run more smoothly.
  4. App manager: it helps you quickly end app processes to release more memory.
  5. White list of boost: for certain important apps you don't want to end, set white list for them to keep them running at background.
  • Download
Hide App, Safe Chat -PrivateMe - Android Apps on Google Play
  • Requirement
Android 4.0 and later, without ROOT.
  • Contact us
If you have feedback please feel free to say so in this thread or post feedback to us privately, E-mail to [email protected] or like us on Facebook @privatemeapps, any comments are welcomed.
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