Printing out MMS and SMS Messages


Nov 15, 2009
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Hello, Im currently in a bind. For lawsuit purposes I need to print out the text messages I currently have on my phone. Does anyone know of a way to do this? Thank you.

If it helps, Im using my DX 2.2 Leak with handcent app.
You should be able to export them with an app called SMS Backup.

IANAL, but I would expect the messages on your phone are more admissable in court, since there's less of a chance that you tampered with them.... You might also have a shot contacting Verizon and getting a copy from them -- that would eliminate the questionable admissability, though, I'm not sure they'll do that for you without a subpoena.
I will try that app thank you.

I spoke to verizon they will not send any transcripts of any form of communication unless court ordered. I just want to print this out and have it on hand in case it's needed. Which sucks cuz I remember a certain friends bf calling me and harassing me years ago cuz whatever carrier they had freely told them what text messages were sent between the two of us. But thats another story lol and I wasn't very innocent during my teen years lol.
I just saw this thread, and I also met the same problem but solved, Since I bought “Coolmuster Android Assistant” and use it, no matter how many text messages I have, It can provide me a fast speed for backup. More importantly, It has its own desktop management tools, the ability to import text messages to the desktop management tools to edit, delete, print and other operations, and it can also send messages from PC to phone. Many free software can not do it and the software is very easy to use. So, I am very optimistic about this software, I hope my review could bring some benefits for you. This is not what the ad! !

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