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Apr 4, 2012
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Hey guys,

We have just released our task app for Android called "Tasks", which features a beautiful ICS interface. We adapted it to all screen sizes and backported it to Android 2.2+ using the same visual design.

Features include sync with Google Tasks and the use of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich design language.

The application matches all the features found on Google Inc.’s online client for Google Task. This includes the support for several task lists, notes, due dates, rearranging by dragging and task grouping. Furthermore, Tasks is tied into the Android account manager and supports the parallel usage of multiple Google accounts. Also, users will receive notifications about due dates and can display task lists on their home screen via widgets.

Tasks makes strong usage of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich design language, also referred to as Holo. From the beginning, Tasks was designed to run well across devices, be it a phone, a tablet or anything in between. Even though Tasks employs Android latest features, it runs on Android 2.2+ with the same set of functionality and the same design.

Launch video
A good overview of the features and design is given by our launch video:

Availability and Promotion
Tasks is available immediately on Google Play in two versions: paid and free. As a launch promotion, the paid version is available at a significant lower price during April. The exact price can be found on Google Play as it is subject to your local currency.
The free version is ad-supported and matches the paid version in features.
Tasks is currently localized to American English and German.

Google Play links
Tasks Paid:
Tasks Free:

About us
Team Tasks is a group of four Swiss Android developers. While they all have previous Android experience, Task is their first joint project.

Jorim Jaggi, Adrian Roos, Yannick Stucki, Selim Cinek