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Jul 7, 2014
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Why am I having issues when I am trying to post pics

Prior to Kitkat upgrade this worked fine then Kitkat came out created lots of issues with my phone... I did a factory reset and I was able to post photos again?? This has been about one month and I can no longer post photos... I am not willing to do another factory reset.

I have icons when I tap far left icon I get a pop-up asking me if I want to insert previous draft or start new.... No matter which I pick photo doesn't post
Are you tapping the plus sign at the bottom left, then tapping the ... Button at the top right and inserting a photo?

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Yes but my set up is :

Tap +
Tap interface icon lower left
Pop-up comes up use camera or gallery I choose gallery... All gallery photos come up choose one.... Interface window comes up asking

Would like to insert previously saved draft or start a new no matter which I pick window disappeared but no link to post
Maybe try clearing data for Tapatalk in settings - apps? Which version of Tapa are you using?

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Force stopped app
Logged out
Logged in
Went into settings can't find clear data
If you go to settings - apps - all and click on Tapa you don't see something like this?

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No worries. If that doesn't fix the problem then it lies somewhere outside of the app.

Could try download a different gallery app like quickpic, to see if using that option in Tapa helps or not.

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Instead of inserting a pic, what happens if you insert an attachment? Also try the other gallery app like I mentioned.

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I'm gonna bring some other help in here... I'm probably missing something.

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Outside the app.... My f#*+*#* phone.. Sorry I'm just frustrated