Pocket Wcup; App Review; The Soccer App to Rule them All


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21. Jun, 2010 written by Christopher Alexander / AndroidHeadlines.com

App Name: Pocket Wcup

Description: Information on World Cup 2010 South Africa: Calendar of matches, live, groups, news, teams, players, comparatives, referees, stadiums, videos.

How it works: The application is easy to use as it is highly organized and uses lots of menu break downs to ease the process in looking for and is loaded with a lot of information.

Opinion: I think this application is not only beautiful in its UI but it’s plethora of information, statistics, and data is amazing and kept me busy for hours in trying to compare stats on the players from different countries against one another. I am not a sports fan in general, but with this application I could easily watch the World Cup and fetch out the info before the teleprompter could give it to the announcers or flash it on the screen.


Speed 5/5- With a fast and steady connection, the data transfer was fast and the app itself never lagged and momentarily paused when fetching data from my GPS location or massive data from players and videos.

Features 5/5- The features that were put into this application are vast and will keep avid soccer fans always finding something new to explore. Quiz feature was great, it reminded me of a music game/quiz on my iPod

Theme 5/5- Consistent in a clean interface and sports icons for different area of the game were also never out of place or awkward seeming.

Overall 5/5- The app is great for those already well versed in the world of

Soccer /Football and will probably be a great tool for those just starting to get into the game.

-Clean and beautiful UI
-Fast and responsive
-Internal maps of stadiums with location and year used during the World Cup
-Massive amounts of data from players, teams, categories, regions, and countries
-Pictures and photos available
-Easy to browse and look around

-Videos did not play

Conclusion: I think this application is great, and even though I don’t have much of a need for a sport reference for Soccer/Football I will have it on my phone just because of how polished it looks and feels. The application is full of data, information, ways to explore, and even a way to test your knowledge of this international sport. It is absolutely a must have for Soccer/Football fans and those who are just getting into the game, I highly recommend it.


Pocket Wcup, App Review; The Soccer App To Rule Them All | Androidheadlines.com
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