Please help URGENT!!


Jun 1, 2010
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Well i believe my phone is bricked =T
but i am trying to SBF recovery or whatever?
its my first time doing it,i am trying to unbtrick it can anyone point me in the right direction to a tutorial? or help me out? any help is greatly appreciated thanks
On the OG droid 1 Liquid Gingerbread
What happened?

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I let my phone sit for a while earlier for around 10 minutes after texting, and went to awaken it it wouldnt respond. So i took out the battery and rebooted and all i would get is the M motorola logo,i would repeat the process and get my boot animation and then it goes back to not being responsive.
i plug in my charger and it responds with the light and blank screen.
I got into recovery and started to restore and got to restoring system and it has a weird image( i know what is normal i always make backups etc) and its just frozen.
Furbearingmammal is on the way. Could be hardware related though :/

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Yeah im starting to think its hardware failure too =[
Alright i have Clockwork and no ill try to get to recovery and try factory reset?
i tried factory reset but it just freezes a ways into it
and im getting stuck at the M Motorola logo
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When the recovery option freezes does the phone reboot itself? If so try a factory reset with the micro SD card out of the phone.
NO it just freezes,im pretty sure it would just stay frozen but ive been taking out the battery and keep on trying
Kanibull has a good idea. Also, we may want to SBF a different recovery on there (RZR) for now so we can charge you up in recovery if things keep going wonky.
Same thing, only you use the RZR SBF. :)

Remember how to do it or do you want a thread for instructions? And you'll be wanting the recovery SBF. It's a bit of a learning curve from CW (but superior in almost all ways, IMO). :)
I dont remember maan,thread PLEASE =]. i have to figure this out tonight