Please help me out guys.


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Oct 24, 2010
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Hey guys,
i recently just made the switch to an iphone 4 from a droid 2 with liberty mod v1.5 installed.

i did a little searching and had a hard time finding the information i need. my question is; im now selling my droid 2 and am looking to flash an sbf to it to bring it back to factory stock. i use a macbook and could not find any information regarding flashing an sbf using mac osx. how would i go about this procedure?

can anyone help me out?

AFAIK there's no Mac version of RSDLite. Find a friend with a PC.....
Well to answer your question, if you can't use a pc, you can download VMware and use a trial version of windows. that should work.

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If you have a nandroid backup of before the phone was rom'd just use that instead of sbfing, then unroot and then factory data reset

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Why are you selling it??

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