Please Help After Baseband update


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Feb 26, 2010
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My phone won't activate, all my calls go to voicemail now, and if I try to make a call it says the phone is "either inactive or invalid". I got an error while updating from CW Recovery and it still shows C_01.41.00R as my baseband version. Any help would be appreciated.

Would a full recovery of my backup fix this issue?
Just flash back to the current baseband. I would link you but I'm on my Droid. Search the forums for "basebands"

Flashing back to an older recovery will NOT change your baseband.

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Thanks... I'll have to try that later since I'm at work now. I had an error with Clockwork, would you suggest I try SPR when reverting to the older baseband version?

Edit: just wanting to make sure... but this link should fix it?

Older Baseband (.03P):
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Rapid fire. Read up. Your Clockwork error can be fixed within rom manager. You can flash to SPRecovery and then back to ClockWorkMod. That should fix that issue.

On to your baseband issue. What exactly did you do to update it? And why weren't you able to (re)activate your phone? I know on some of the CyanogenMod releases, the dialpad wa not accessible when trying to reactivate upon applying the last baseband. My fix? Dial *22899 instead. Try that.

And finally, the latest baseband is here. That will give you C_01.43.01P. You always have to reactivate your phone when updating your baseband and again, I suggest the easy route. Hit 'cancel' (if you're stuck in the activation screen, not the Android one) and then just open the phone dialer and dial *22899. Done. Deal.

good luck