Pictures deleting themselves?


Nov 13, 2009
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This has happened twice now that I've taken pictures with my phone and saved picture messages sent to me and when I've gone to open up my gallery they're just gone? The only pictures that remain in my gallery are the ones I transferred from my computer. Any ideas what the problem is?
Not sure why it happens but it happened to me a few times before I rooted my TB. Since then its never done it. It must be some glitch in the original coding

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This happened to me just last week. I took about ten pictures last Tuesday, and the next day five of them were deleted! That has never happened to me before, and I've had this phone since March.

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Happened to me as well. I turned my phone off, pulled the SD card, put it back in, restarted it, and they were back in there.
They are there. Use a file/directory browsing app and you'll see them. It's totally ridiculous. Gallery is not reliable.
yea they just came after my phone had a random reboot.
Happens to me all the time. I installed sdrescan (free from the market) as recommended by someone on this forum. Works great.

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