Pics are Leaked for the OnePlus One Phone, Custom Backplates, & New CyanogenMod 11S


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Dec 30, 2010
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So far, other than the specs and pricing which they revealed themselves, the folks at OnePlus have done a remarkable job at keeping the design of their new OnePlus One smartphone secret. Unfortunately for them, but happily for us, it didn't last. A slew of pics have leaked online showcasing the physical design, custom backplates, accessories, and CyanogenMod 11S OS for the phone.

The basic physical dimensions look like a fairly standard candy-bar design, although the phone does look remarkably thin. Additionally, it has a very thin bezel and the aforementioned custom backplates. These backplates have a range of faux materials from wood, to carbon fiber, to denim (??). They are called removable"StyleSwap" back covers, and although they are reminiscent of the Moto X, it's sill great to see a smartphone maker offering more personalization options.

Images of the custom CyanogenMod 11S Android fork were also actually shared separately along with this story. These were officially hosted by a OnePlus staff member. Here's a quote describing them a bit,

A OnePlus staff member posted the following screenshots to the company forum early this morning (US time), calling it "CyanogenMod 11s." The Android 4.4 build features a combination of unique UI elements including a custom lock screen and icons and a built-in theme manager that appears modified from stock CM11.

In the thread below is where we included the rest of the images. Let us know if these pics make your more or less intrigued by the OnePlus One, which will be officially launching this Wednesday, April 23rd.

Source: AndroidPolice
Here are the rest of those leaked OnePlus One pics: