Photo Slideshow Widget


Jul 23, 2010
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Alright, I've done a ton of searches and yet, I can't seem to find anything to answer my question. So, can anyone help me with figuring out how to set up the slideshow widget so that it only shows pictures of a particular folder?

Here's what usually happens with me. I have 6 different folders (for right now): family/friends, Punta Cana, Track, Camera, Rose, Random. If I click on the gallery button on the widget it will allow me to select a photo to start with for the slide show. If I select a photo from "Track", that photo is the start of the slideshow, however when I press play, it just goes through all of my pictures. I feel like its just a simple thing like tagging pictures correctly (which I've done so that "Track" is tagged as "Track", etc), but I'm confused as to what this simple task could be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I wish it were possible, and if there is a way and someone knows, please let me in on it!

I actually think that's one of the biggest flaws of the DroidX. navigation through picture folders could/should be made a LOT easier!
You'll get no argument from me on that. I've owned both the original Droid and an Incredible, each was infinitely more feature rich when dealing with picture folders. Motorola should've stuck with the default Android photo app.