Phone Stopped receiving inbound calls.


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Sep 12, 2010
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Liberty 1.5 - Linear
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I've only had Liberty installed a few days, I'd been on tranQ for a while before that. Everything was working fine, but all the sudden my calls aren't coming in today, google voice calls go to google voicemail after standard amount of rings. Inbound calls to my actual cell number go straight to verizon voicemail. Whats odd is my outbound calls through both google voice and my regular number work.
All txts regular and google voice, and 3g data work.
I went to a Verizon store to ask if there were any new notations on my account or anything but no (I had downloaded like 37GB last september), and the dude played with my phone for a minute and called it from another phone and mumbled something about it not authenticating and then started asking about what I did to it so I left. I've already *73 it a couple times, nothing happens.
One thing: I had previously taken out data throttling with a different services.jar that was posted for liberty 1.5 on this board somewhere. I would have just done the smali baksmali thing but when I did that last it destroyed my last tranq install I'm assuming because not all of tranq3.7 is odex'ed, and I wasn't sure if Liberty 1.5 was completely odex if not smali will recompile the classes.dex incorrectly or so I'm told is what happened to me. However my inbound calls were working after I had bootstrapped in the with the services.jar file anyway so I don't even know if that had anything to do with my issue. I figure I'd ask if anyone has had this kind of occurrence and what the heck I did and where to cause it. I'm only not sbfing out of curiosity now. If sbfing would fix this even.