Phone reboot resends text messages


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Jan 11, 2011
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Every time I reboot, my phone will resend old text messages. I am looking for a solution, and cannot find one. I have done research online, and it seems as though this is happening to all android phones, not just Droid 2 Globals (my model).

This happened on my initial phone. I called Verizon and they factory restored my phone, but to no avail. I went in to the store and got a brand new phone of the same model, but it is experiencing the same problems.

I have attempted to diagnose the problems, and here are some facts that I am dealing with:
1) The issue occurred on my old phone with handcent, so I didn't install that app on my new phone. I am using the stock text messager, but the problem still occurs. My device is up to date as far as software updates go.

2) The texts are seemingly random. They were originally sent both with the qwerty keyboard and the touchscreen. There are some recent texts, and some older ones. It chooses from a variety of contacts to resend messages to. Sometimes it sends multiple to the same contact.

3) All texts were sent successfully the first time I sent them (sometimes 3-4 days ago).

4) I attempted restarting the phone while it was in airplane mode. However, as soon as I turned airplane mode off after the reboot, it sent a wave of old texts. My contacts were perturbed.

If anyone has a solution, or advice on how to solve the problem, I would be grateful. My phone is still under warranty, but as I explained, I have already exchanged it once, and I still experience the same problems. I'm not sure if another exchange for a brand new phone would work or not.

Thank you.